How to Get Unstuck


How to Get Unstuck

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Many people with great, world-changing ideas aren't able to make them happen. Most people are trying to make a difference where they are, yet they feel overwhelmed, overloaded, and far too busy. How do you get "unstuck" - without resorting to complex systems that take more time to keep up than they actually save?

How to Get Unstuck answers this question by introducing readers to ten core principles that are at the heart of becoming an effective person for the glory of God. These principles are flexible enough for people to adapt and apply them to their own life and context. Also included is a plan for getting started in using these principles and applying them to real life.

This book is more than just good ideas that you read and never apply. How to Get Unstuck walks you step-by-step through the core principles that free you to be more effective in everything you do. How can we learn the discipline of personal effectiveness? Starting with the Scriptures and drawing on the best research How to Get Unstuck shows Christians how to live integrated lives. True effectiveness is doing something in God's way and for God's glory, and this book will show you how.




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Extra Chapters include:
- God Meets Us Where We Are Stuck
- Engineering Your Vision - Part 1
- Engineering Your Vision - Part 2
- Engineering Your Vision - Part 3
- Engineering Your Vision - Part 4
- Scheduling: Match Your Time with Your Priorities


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Matt is the author of the best-selling book What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done and is a popular speaker on leadership, productivity, and theology from a God-centered perspective. His work has been featured in Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and Desiring God.

In 2015 he co-founded the organization, What’s Best Next, to help empower Christians to be more productive in all areas of life, and to do so in a way that is God-centered and gospel-driven.

Prior to that he served for 13 years at Desiring God leading the web department, serving as director of strategy, and helping build the ministry for greater spreading. He has also served as director of marketing at Made to Flourish, an organization dedicated to equipping pastors to connect faith and work.